Resplendent Quetzals: Nesting Season 2013


Resplendent Quetzals are very common here during the nesting season. Their courtship is vocal and these usually shy birds will congregate in groups of up to 6 during their active courtship which starts in February and extends until nesting pairs will start incubation once the rainy season starts. In 2011 and 2012 this was the beginning of May. This year active nesting was delayed until end of May and into the beginning of June since the rainy season arrived late this year.

These birds are part of the landscape and on any given day you will hear a male call and take off vertically up to 100 feet into the sky to then arch down while calling back into the canopy of the forest. As in the past two years we have a nesting pair that has chosen a nest site within 50 meters of our cabins and homestead. With so much pristine habitat available we can’t help but wonder why they choose to nest so close to our lodgings.

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