Mount Totumas Scallops anyone?

The 10 small calves we purchased last August have grown and the young bulls have gotten feisty and aggressive with one another to the point they are becoming a nuisance to themselves.  So our options were either castration of female hormone treatment. We chose castration over chemicals and our first four bulls were castrated during my cousin Tom’s visit.

Tom is famous in the family for taking advantage of free animal protein when available. Fresh road kill and the squirrels that plunder his tangerines are fair game and he was not going to let an opportunity of fine cuisine pass him by when he saw the plastic bag of fresh testicles just waiting to be pan fried.

Well they tasted delicious actually. Kind of looked like scallops. In fact we named them  Mount Totumas Scallops. They should be available a couple times a year.

Here is cousin Tom and family preparing and enjoying Mount Totumas Scallops.

The cattle we raise here at Mount Totumas is 100% grass fed on high elevation pasturage in the purest mountain air and free of any hormones. When our beef cattle are ready for market we will make available organic meat to any locals interested in filling up their freezer.We are maintaining a herd of no more than 40 cattle at Mount Totumas Cloud Forest Preserve. The local agricultural consultant who visited us last year said we had the pasturage for up to 100 head but we are keeping the impact to a minimum and have already started letting significant acreage go wild as part of our plans to reforest at least 50% of the 150 acres of pastures on the site. Maintaining a mosaic of small pastures mixed in with second and old growth forest is our long term goal to maximize biodiversity and  for keeping open some of the spectacular views of La Amistad National Park.

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  1. daniel says:

    i am so glad you guys didn’t skimp out a good couple of pictures of bull balls. umm. i ate a piece of cherry tart for breakfast while i read over this…
    am i gross?
    an i know it needed to happen, right, i get that. but somebody has to say this… “poor bulls. now they’re just… cows. ”
    ; J

  2. Miato says:

    Super post, Need to mark it on Digg

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